How To Automate & Streamline The Puzzle Pieces (the backend) of your Opt-ins, Offers &/Or Bundles (the Mini-Course)

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How To Automate The Backend Of Your Opt-ins, Offers or Bundles$97

Kristin Darling

"I could never have gotten my sh*t-I mean act-together if it hadn't been for Dolly's genius! She helped me create a workflow to launch my course that was creative and strategic yet straight forward and easy to execute. Dolly's mind works in mysterious ways seeming to always be several steps ahead of solving the puzzle of a workflow and funnel strategy."

Emily Conley

"The seven million ideas that lived in my brain and constantly stressed me out are now written out, clearly connected, and worked into an overall strategy. I have never felt more purposeful and powerful! I really feel like I could take on the world world at this point!"

Wonder what is included in this training?

10+ mini-lessons designed to show you the backend puzzle pieces of what you need to put together and streamline your opt-in, offer, or bundle

a Master Trello Board Template (to organize everything)

A Master Google Doc of Notes (just in case you'd rather print off notes)

BONUS: A private podcast version of the training (audio-learning on the go!) 

BONUS: A Master Google Checklist of all the puzzle pieces you need to automate the backend of your offers/opt-ins or bundles (normally sold in my shop separately for $17) (comes with the course)

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